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Qint provides a unique solution to solve your queue needs efficiently with/without hardware, while advertising to customers, analyzing data and preventing queue abandonment.
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How does it work?


Upon arrival the customer will scan a QR code / send SMS to the phone number that appears on a sign.


The customer will receive a number in the queue and see the state of the queue, estimated waiting time, and will be able to set a reminder shortly before their turn arrives.


Then the customer will be free to continue doing their business, while keeping track of their turn, and watching advertisments.

Our Advantages

Marketing and increase in sales

Advertise to your customers based on data, sales and content while they're waiting in queue. The customer will continue their journey in the business while their place in queue is preserved.

Data analysis, BI and AI

Draw insights regarding waiting times, queue abandonment rates, peak hours, manpower scheduling, analysis and monitoring of relevant advertisements for your customers and more...

Interfacing with external systems

The system allows convenient queue management while interfacing to
point of sale systems, restaurant hosting software,
ERP and CRM systems, and billing systems.

Prevent queue abandonment and provide real time data

Prevent your customers from abandoning the queue by serving them information about waiting times and the possibility of continuing their daily routine.
The customers will know at every point the state of the queue.

Comfortable usage-based pricing

Queue management as needed -
daily / weekly / monthly / yearly.
Suitable for festivals, interview days, shows,
auditions, election days and more...

Save time and money

Without hardware costs, technicians, screens and kiosks, the service we offer is cloud-only.
Save waiting time for your customers by allowing them to enqueue remotely, and interface with GIS for estimating arrival times.

Provide your organization and customers the innovation they deserve

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